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lakes and peaks
from Belledonne

Loop of 4 days, 3 nights for good walkers to discover the Belledonne massif.
Comfort roaming, full board, from refuge to refuge.
We will walk on wild paths, from lake to lake, with the steep peaks as a backdrop and the herds as companions on the way.

In partnership with :
Traversée de Belledonne avec un guide
440€per person
On request, departure from 4 people (adults)
Contact us for guaranteed departures

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The +

  • The impressive landscapes of Belledonne in 4 days of organized hiking

  • A bag that is not too heavy thanks to the nights in the refuge

  • A controlled effort: between 350 and 1100m of D+ per day

  • The varied fauna: chamois, ibexes, mouflons, vultures, dragonflies, ...

  • The possibility of reaching the highest point of the massif




During this loop of 4 days and 3 nights in Belledonne we will be accommodated with half board, in dormitories, in 2 mountain refuges which will provide us with lunch picnics.


Chamrousse will be our point of departure and arrival.


These 4 days of hiking will be an opportunity to take different routes each day and to appreciate this mountain full of contrasts which is still little frequented. At the foot of impressive sharp peaks, between a string of glacial lakes, stretch green streams.


With your guide, passionate about birds, edible plants and geology, you will take the time to observe the flora and wild fauna. The grandiose panoramas of the Vercors and the Chartreuse will be the daily setting for our picnics.

In the evening, after the mountain meal and possibly some local "homemade" sweets, we will enjoy the starry nights from the terrace of the refuge.


If the weather is favourable, we will climb the highest summit of the chain accessible by hiking: the Croix de Belledonne, at almost 3000m.

During this stay you only carry your daily belongings: clothes, picnic of the day, water and a silk sheet for the refuge.

For the night, blankets are provided by the refuge.


1st day - about 5 hours of walking - D+ 864m and D- 413m

Welcome at 9.30 am at the center of the Olympic resort of Chamrousse to get to know each other.

We will then quickly take the direction of the mountains through little frequented forest paths, will cross the mountain pasture then the mythical forest of cembro pines of Chamrousse and the lake of Pourettes.

Our route will take us through the steep slopes of Belledonne among which we will try to find chamois, ibexes or mouflons.

At the end of the day, the Pra refuge will welcome us in its green setting where a large flock of sheep grazes.

2nd day - about 4 hours of walking - D+ 734m and D- 884m

After having explored the surroundings of the refuge classified as a natura 2000 zone for its peat bogs, we will walk from pass to pass towards the refuge of Jean Collet. Will the vultures that surf along the ridges in search of their meal be there? Since the wolves have returned to the massif, these large peaceful birds of prey are more numerous. The panoramas on the limestone massifs of Vercors and Chartreuse will be our horizon for the day.

3rd day - about 5h30 of walking - D+ 1051 and D- 890m

We will climb from the refuge to Lac Blanc, a glacial lake that collects the milky waters of the Freydane glacier, at the foot of the majestic Grand Pic de Belledonne, the highest point of the massif. After crossing a pass in a high mountain atmosphere, we will continue to the top of the Croix de Belledonne, at 2926m, weather permitting. The descent takes place in the grandiose setting of the Doménon lakes.

Night at the Pra refuge where we now have our habits.

4th day - 3h30 walk approximately - D+ 237m and D- 658m

We will take a new route to reach the resort of Chamrousse by walking along green streams and then through a maze of blocks thrown by the giants of geological history. Crossing the pasture overlooking the resort, we will have the opportunity to come back to the unusual history of this mountain: from the ocean floor, transformed into the Himalayas, plunged back into the depths and out again by raising the Vercors opposite. from U.S.

Arrived at the station in the middle of the afternoon, it will already be time to part ways to imagine our next adventures.

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