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Take advantage of a local experience to observe and take photographs of mountain wildlife.

I can guide you to the best place at the right moment, to the species you're looking for. For a personal project as well as for professional need.

The best place, at the best moment

Southeast-facing 3000 feet high cliffs in the surrounding offers us great opportunities for mountain ungulates photography.

In a short one-hour walk, without technical steps, you come to intimate terrasses in the midst of Ibexes and Chamois. It's a key place between sunny cliffs and the protective canopy.

Depending on the seasons your guide will advise you about the best places and brightest hours of the day.

For not disturbing wildlife, groups are private and we limit size and frequency. For more immersion, bivouacs and night hides are possible.

Preferable gear :

- warm and waterproof clothes, silent if possible

- hiking boots

- 300mm at least telephoto lens

Tell me more about your project

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