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Hikes, walks and Tours

Mountain Leader and Tour Guide

I offer my experience to groups and individuals to organise mountain hikes and guiding treks, to train to better nature knowledge and educate public to mountain sites issues.

I'm here to be your best support in the organisation of your trip :

  • Choosing the right route for the best group experience (lenght, tecnical level, pedagogical interest, comfort range, ...)

  • Keeping interest with interactive and evolutive pedagogy (who fits with school program if needed)

  • Beeing your local partner to design nature activities and hiking programs weekly or throughout the year (nature events, thematic hikes, tecnical and physical improvement, ...)

  • making easy relations with other providers (other guides, restaurants, hotels, coaches, ...)

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Tell me more about your projects

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Observer les chamois à Chamrousse

Animal photos

Guided outings to observe and photograph ibexes, chamois, deer, mountain animals

Sorties géologiques scolaires sur le complexe ophiolitique de Chamrousse, près de Grenoble.

Geological outings

School or adult outings to discover an ophiolitic complex or a limestone massif

Plantes sauvages comestibles et médicinales près de Grenoble

wild plants

Discovery of edible and medicinal mountain plants. Walks accessible to all

Observer les bouquetins à Chamrousse

Randos à la demande

Pour un moment privilégié en famille, un évènement entre amis ou pour un défi personnel. Nous vous aidons à réaliser vos projets.

Animateur nature agréé en Isère

Nature entertainment

Participate in the programme: Discovering the Sensitive Natural Areas of Isère with an approved nature guide.

Club de rando, séjour famille à Chamrousse

Professional area

We welcome your groups for day trips, to discover the mountain heritage and our traditions.

Sortie ornitho près de Grenoble


Observe, find, learn to recognize typical mountain bird species in the Alps

Traversée de Belledonne et GR738

Treks and Circuits

Mountain Leader and Tourist Guide to supervise stays in France or abroad

Club de rando près de Grenoble

hiking clubs

Take your hiking program to new heights. Naturalist outings, cartography, trips, ...

Belledonne, just for you

From Chamrousse, for a day hike, a three days loop or a two weeks trip, we lead you to this "off the beaten tracks" mountain range : Belledonne. A wild and remote mountain where we can spot or take photos of chamois, ibexes, marmots during hikes or hides.

Activities all year round

Every season is appealing discovery. In spring, for Easter, to see the abundant mountain flowers or birds singing for mating. In summer, to hike or scramble to summits or mountain refuges, for sleeping under stars and picturing milky way. In autumn, during fall for enjoying stunning sunsets over Vercors, brilliant colors on moorlands, berries and mushrooms. Or in winter, for Christmas or February holidays, following wildlife tracks in snow and play in deep powder.

Accessible mountain birds

Mountain birds are common : spotted nutcracker, citril finch, black grouse, snow finch, alpine chough, alpine accentor, water pipit, pigmy and tengmalm owls, griffon vultures. A good place to spot diversified alpine species or to learn how recognize their songs.

The ophiolite : an uncommon geological site

Chamrousse is great for geological hikes, for students or adults. Close from Grenoble and Lyon, it's easy to approach the main ophiolite sites, understanding alpine tectonic or having landscape reading.

Knowledge from nature

Surroundings are rich or a preserved nature, ideal place for learning how to recognize edible and medicinal plants in the mountain. The opportunity of an accessible walk for everybody, in group or with the whole family.

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