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Guided walks to learn how to recognize edible and medicinal mountain plants

Collective outings for individuals or on request for groups

To participate in a botanical outing several possible options:

1.Individually, by joining a group outing. The program of outings is established at the beginning of June.


Duration :2h30

Rate :22€ per person

2.In a group already formed, en privatizing a slot. We agree together on the date, the duration, the difficulty, the place, the precise theme, to correspond as much as possible to your expectations.

Recommended duration:half day

Rate :130€ per group for half a day

A picking tradition


During a hike or by the side of a path, wild plants font often part of the decor. But they often have forgotten or ignored virtues.

Long an integral part of the diet of local populations in mountain regions, picking wild edible plants was done in all seasons in the Alps. Far from doctors, knowing and using medicinal plants around your home was a necessity.


There was no need to go far to find the raw material for many preparations: dried for herbal teas, macerated in alcohol, aromatic for milk or cheese, fresh in soups or gratins,... plants were picked up by the side of the road, in mountain pastures or in the forest.

Discovery of plants


I offer botanical outings (or courses), focused on the discovery of wild edible and medicinal plants. Throughout the walk we will learn the basics of botany to recognize the different families of flowers or plants. Far from being daunting, this approach will have some nice surprises in store for us and will help avoid future confusion with toxic plants.


The surroundings of Chamrousse, near Grenoble, offer us varied environments typical of the Northern Alps: mountain pastures, meadows, peat bogs, mountain forests, edges of paths, and therefore a beautiful diversity of plants. The opportunity to realize that berries and mushrooms are not the only edible plants. Certain trees, sometimes their fruits, are excellent natural remedies. The aromatic virtues of many plants will be amazing alternatives for your recipes.


Each season has its own plants to harvest: young shoots in spring, aromatic ones in summer, berries, mushrooms and wild fruits in autumn, even winter sometimes offers hikers the opportunity to taste nature.


Beginning to recognize plants is the beginning of a new look at your hikes and walks. Very quickly you no longer know where to put your feet, for fear of crushing some magic plant!


An activity accessible to all


Rather than reading books at home, or downloading approximate applications, an outing with a mountain guide will give you the opportunity for a sensory and interactive approach. It's also an opportunity to share recipes that your taste buds will remember and anecdotes that will help you remember interesting plants. Our outings are suitable for all audiences, in groups of friends or with family, for curious young people and less young enthusiasts!

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