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photography course

Stars and Mountain
2 days, Belledonne massif, Isère.
Stage photo près de Grenoble

per person

For who ?
  • Access places conducive to photos of stars and nature photography: isolated sites, protected from light pollution, several very different atmospheres as the hike progresses.


  • Develop your creativity and the originality of the shots thanks to the emulsion of the group.

  • Have fun in the mountains by sharing a simple and friendly moment.

Photo: photographers looking to make the most of their equipment and the ideal conditions to take beautiful shots.

Rando: occasional hikers who can sometimes travel at night on a drop of 1000m maximum per day.

Highlights of the course:

The photographer mountain guide will bring you his knowledge of the place and will share his naturalist knowledge.

It will help you adjust your camera, play with light and compose images that will highlight your subjects.

A calendar centered around the new moon period to take advantage of the darkest nights possible.

Accommodation in a refuge with half board, in dormitories.

Careful supervision:

6 people maximum per group.

Accompaniement :

Always roaming his mountain, he will take you to his favorite spots when the lights are at their best.

You will know everything about him by rummaging through the pages of the site.

Jonathan Perret Experience Nature
Program :

Day 1 (walking time: 4h, D+: 1000m)

Welcome of the group at 9 am and presentations.

Departure for the hike, mountain landscapes, streams, waterfalls, varied flora. Picnic en route around 1 p.m.

Arrival at the refuge, meal and discussion of the photos of the day.


Night out for the night photo session.

Day 2 (walking time: 4h, D+: 300m and D-: 750)

Debriefing night photos during breakfast.

Departure for the hike towards Chamrousse, many lakes, panoramas, dragonflies, mountain birds.

Arrival at the end of the afternoon in Chamrousse, debriefing of the photos of the day.

Recommended material:
Questions :
  • Hiking boots

  • Sun protection

  • Warm, waterproof and breathable clothing (even in good weather), it can be cold at night

  • Silk or fleece sheet for the refuge.

  • Comfortable backpack (optics + hike + picnic)

  • Telephoto lens for the wildlife and fast lens for the night or a versatile zoom

  • Tripod

  • Second battery or external battery

  • All the equipment that can make you creative: rings or macro lens, ND filters, remote control...

"I don't have high-end equipment, a powerful telephoto lens or a wide-angle lens with a large aperture, is this course for me?"

No problem, we all started like that! This course emphasizes the techniques that allow you to use your equipment to the best of your ability: creativity of composition, artistic techniques, ...

Prices :

470€ per person

The price includes

  • Supervision by a photographer mountain leader for 2 days and 1 evening.

  • 1 night in dormitory at the refuge with half board, 2 picnics.

The price does not include

  • Snacks during the day

  • Hiking equipment and shooting equipment

  • The guarantee of good weather or wildlife nearby

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