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Winter birdwatching in Rémuzat, a hotspot for Griffon vulture

Birding in France is a good opportunity to see vultures, especially griffon (Gyps fulvus).

There is several good spots in the south of France but the Baronnies region is probably among the best ones.

Looking for griffon vulture when birding in France
Birdwatching in Rémuzat, south of France

As january is quite boring for looking for birds in the Alps, I moved to Drôme provençale heading for vultures in their breeding season.

The trip was great success as we could observe a couple copulating through the spotting scope and a female probably nesting (the egg couldn't be seen). We've also seen tandem flight and birds providing branches and grass for the nests.

Where to go to see griffon vultures in France ?
Birding in Provence is great opportunity for vultures

Here is a few answers to the questions you could have.

For more pictures go at the end of the article :

Is it a good spot for bird photographers ?

The site provides really good chance for taking good pictures. Vultures are quite confidents and fly close from the cliff edge. Furthermore the sharp light draws dramatic contrasts, with dark backgrounds behind bright feathers.

Which time of the day is the best ?

Vultures flies from first lights to the end of the day. In january there was already birds flying at 8 AM.

What are the other interesting species for birders ?

Griffon vultures are obviously not the only birds in the area. By the end of january, date of our trip, we were glad to also observe an immature bearded vulture (gypaetus barbatus), peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus), ravens (corvus corax), and dunnocks (prunella modularis) before the weather turned to wet and windy. We probably also heard dartford warblers (sylvia undata) hidden in the bushes.

Which season will be the best for birding in Rémuzat ?

In summer, the two other french vultures species are often seen : black vulture (aegypius monachus) and egyptian vulture (neophron percnopterus). The second one was nesting in the previous years. Crag martin (ptyonoprogne rupestris) is also possible.

Where can I stay ?

There is many places to stay overnight in the surroundings : BnB and campings (the may be closed until april).

Is the access ok for everybody ?

Access to the cliff edge is a 15 min walk from the parking place on a flat and large piste, the hardest will be the narrow, but however asphalted road from Rémuzat. As there is not fences all along the cliffs, children as to be aware of the consequences of getting to close from the edge.

Where to have dark nights in France for photographying stars
Good spot for astrophotography in France
Night life :

Last but not least, photographers will be amazed by the dark nights and stars sharpness. Weather is quite dry and light pollution low. So take a wide angle along your telephoto lens to entertain your nights !

Birdwatching in the south of France during winter
Typical landscape when birding Provence

Rémuzat is definitly a great spot if you're looking where to go birding in the south of France.

Please, feel free to contact us, we can arrange customised birding tours in France.

Here is the local website. You will get many informations about the site and surroundings.

Birding Pictures :

Want more picture ? Check my portfolio.

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